Connection Guide

Connection process:
1. Initial actions
Make sure that you are a legal entity, you have an AS number, you have a block of IP addresses (if you do not have an AS/IP, we can organize the allocation of these resources).
To proceed with the physical connection of the selected service, you need to decide in which data center it is optimal for you to connect based on the points of our presence according to PeeringDB, and also select the connection speed 1G/10G/2x10G wdm/40G/100G/400G (all connections are made by single-mode duplex fiber, by default, the SFP module of the required speed is 0.5/2/10km). If your equipment is outside the area of our presence, fill out the online form on the website and indicate the desired connection point and general technical parameters of the service.
We send you a draft Agreement by e-mail and, after its approval, we sign it. We send you the LOA with the demarcation point. Based on this, you order a cross from the company that manages the data center.
2. Technical stage
Technicians involved in the activation process from both sides clarify the specifics of the configuration:
VLAN number negotiation for the corresponding service;
The number of routers you will use for public peering - By default, 1-1X.EU provides one IPv4 and one IPv6 IP address. If you have two routers that will work simultaneously, one additional IP address is provided;
We customize the services as agreed above.
After the physical connection is activated, levels are checked on both sides.
You activate the selected service, and from that moment a two-week free trial period begins. After that, the service is put into commercial operation and you pay bills monthly: payment is made in the next month for the current month before the 25th day.
Public peering:
Make sure BGP sessions are allowed for both routing servers:
- -, 2001:7f8:115:1::1
- -, 2001:7f8:115:1::2
- -, 2001:7f8:115:1::3

This is necessary in order to fully reserve your services.
Once enabled, be sure to update your PeeringDB account and update Your information regularly.