Connected Networks

With a single connection you can exchange traffic and L2 transports(VLAN) with all of our members. You can setup BGP peering with Route Servers and/or private peerings as you wish.

Telegram Messenger AS62041 Open 400G AS16509 Selective 100G
Twitch AS46489 Selective 100G
G-Core Labs AS199524 Open 100G
Hetzner Online AS24940 Open 100G
OVHcloud AS16276 Open 100G
Valve Corporation AS32590 Open 100G
Netia AS12741 Open 100G
"Everest" Broadcasting Company AS49223 Open 40G
Astra-net AS49824 Selective 40G
Columbus AS16223 Open 40G
Comfo AS41631 Open 10G
Corbina Telecom AS48438 Open 10G
Enterra AS48964 Open 40G
Euroline Ukraine AS60159 Selective 100G
Faust ISP AS29074 Open 10G
Galichina Telekommunication AS49183 Open 30G
Global Technology Ukraine AS28773 Open 10G
Granatnet AS56899 Open 10G
Hrush Andriy Bogdanovich AS52074 Open 30G
ISP LinkCom AS59577 Open 10G
K-Link AS48648 AS48648 Open 10G
Kalush Information Network AS197522 Open 30G
KOM i TEX AS30886 Open 10G
Lanet Network AS39608 Selective 40G
LANTRACE AS50401 Open 10G
Limanet AS42905 Open 100G
LLC Fiber Group UA AS58221 Open 10G
Maximum-Net AS43139 Open 100G
Maxnet Ukraine AS34700 Open 40G
NPK Home-Net AS24812 Open 100G
PAN-Telecom AS47898 Open 100G
Renome-Service: Joint Multimedia Cable Network AS34187 Open 10G
Sater AS29107 Selective 40G
Schid-Service AS41320 Open 20G
Servisnet AS51500 Open 20G
SkyNet-Media LLC AS51273 Open 10G
SPD Chernega Aleksandr Anatolevich AS56400 Open 10G
Telekompaniya Region TV AS51993 Open 10G
TheHost AS6485 Open 40G
TOV "Kompjuternie Merezhi" AS35213 Open 10G
TOV TV&Radio Company 'TIM' AS41096 Open 10G
UnderNET AS41435 Open 10G
UTELS AS56835 Open 10G
WEB PRO LTD AS209116 Open 10G
CDC.UA AS49588 Open 10G
Hosting Ukraine AS200000 Open 10G
IMC AS34251] Open 10G
Infocom (Ukrpack) AS6846 Open 10G
Intertelecom AS31343 Open 10G
ITL Company AS15626 Open 10G
VOLZ AS12963 Open 40G
WesTelecomTrade AS50115 Open 10G
ZASTAVA-NET AS47705 Open 10G
Stargroup AS41985 Open 10G
Vodafone Ukraine AS21497 Open 100G
Cosmonova LLC AS34867 Open 10G
McLaut AS25133 Selective 10G
Apple Edge Cache AS31128 Open 100G
IP SERVICES Sp. z.o.o. AS34907 Open 40G
Consensus One Sp. z o.o. AS56540 Open 10G
Edgio (Edgecast) AS15133 Open 10G

Services & Pricing

Internet Peering

mpc, eur
1 G
10 G
40 G
100 G
400 G

If particial use of the port is planed, then a flexible system of discounts applies.

L2 Transport

mpc, eur
1 G
10 G
40 G
100 G
on request
400 G
on request

Tariffs are relevant for L2 transport between any two points on the network map.

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Other Services

mpc, eur
Collocation 1U
Microsoft Azure access
on request
CDN Building
on request
Remotely ISP Recovery
on request
Building cost effective DWDM
on request

Feel free to contact us, we will happy to advice on any service.

Aggregated traffic 24h
Peak in

2.309 Tb/s

Peak out

2.281 Tb/s

Average in

1.960 Tb/s

Average out

1.959 Tb/s

Current in

0.000 Tb/s

Current out

0.000 Tb/s

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